- Our mission -

To develop immersive and innovative games and software for everyone to enjoy.


PlanBGames is a small indie game studio founded in 2013. We started to develop ‘SurviveOn!‘ in 2014 but went inactive at the end of 2014. After a year of stagnation the project was revived and is in active development since then. We went back to work on the project with a lot of fresh ideas and concepts, as well as experiments in virtual reality. Our studio is going to launch a greenlight campaign for the game soon. Given that PlanBGames isn’t our only job our progress may vary in size sometimes.


Game Assets


Virtual Reality


PlanBGames offers products in different niches. We develop and distribute games, but we also work on game assets and models for developers to use in their game. Our goals in these activities are as follows:

  • Develop immersive and interesting games.
  • Virtual reality experiments and research.
  • Make game development easier through affordable game assets.


See what happened to us in the past few months.

surviveon Military


Demo release for 'SurviveOn!'.

Coming soon .....


New website gone live.

After a little more than a year with an outdated design, we now present you the new PlanBGames!



We made a few changes to our company's identity including logo changes etc.


Began working on 'SurviveOn!'

We began working on our current project called 'SurviveOn!'. It is an open world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world.


Initial year of foundation.