Development Report #7 – It has been a while.

Hello there!

It has been 3 years since the last real playable update on ‘SurviveOn!’. It sure does not feel like 3 years for us. We have been quite busy with other stuff in our lives since then and a lot changed for us, but our determination to release the game some day stayed strong. Today marks the day of another version of ‘SurviveOn!’. A version that will change a lot of our previous features and systems, but certainly not the last version we will release. In this development report we wanted to take the chance to explain our absence and to answer all the questions you had about the game.

Gameplay Preview – Indie DB

Where have you been?

While our determination to deliver a finished and well playable product never changed, our lives around us did change quite a bit. We just did not have the energy and enough inspiration to finish what we started. Another important aspect is that a lot of similar games were released during that time. We just did not feel like we could deliver a well enough product back then.

Was the game still in active development during the last 3 years?

Well, yes and no. We made substantial progress on the technological side if the project. The graphics have been immensely improved and the overall performance (which was one of the many issues we faced) improved as well. So there was some progress being made. We also did a lot of work on the A.I. of the enemies, a minimap system, a quest system, new vehicles, new weapons, improved weapon handling and wrote back story for the world and the characters.

Will we see a full release of the game?

You will eventually. And to top that you will do that completely free of charge. You would not believe us how bad we want to tell you an accurate release date but we just can’t at this point. There has been a lot of restructuring going on in the background and we think at this point it is best to develop the game hand in hand with the community. Our goal is not to make ‘just another survival game’. We want to do something bigger and better than that. So we are thinking of doing weekly (most likely monthly) releases of the game and develop the game based on your feedback. This concept proved itself quite helpful back in the day when we started developing the game.

How much will it cost?

As we said before it will not cost anything. At least if you don’t want to pay anything. We settled for a ‘pay as much as you like’ system. This means you can get the game completely free of charge if you want to but if you want to support us you can donate a few bucks. It is your choice. We think this is a fair system as you never know what happens to early access titles etc.

Cutscene Video 0.5 – Indie DB

What changed in the new version that was just released?

The most important changes are the following:

  • Added a bunch of new vehicles
  • More item spawns
  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved menu
  • Different branding
  • Modern post-processing effects
  • Improved physics
  • WIP introductory cutscenes were added in this version and will be worked on further. With this we are laying the foundation of our story line.
  • New spawn position that suits the story
  • Started to fill empty spots on the map with more life.
  • Improved Skybox
  • Removed Day/Night cycle as it is currently beyond broken and needs some work to look good again.
  • WIP Enemy A.I. that is still quite quirky but does the trick for our proof of concept.

There are probably some more major things that we did miss here but why not give the game a try and see for yourself. Have a look here to download the game.

Download SurviveOn! – Release 0.5 [Windows] – Indie DB